Interoperability at CoActiv Customer Site Ellenville Regional Hospital

Steven L. Kelley, FACHE, president and CEO of CoActiv client Ellenville (N.Y.) Regional Hospital, was interviewed for an article on interoperability on the Advance for Imaging and Radiation Oncology site. The article emphasized the need for integration of multiple vendors’ technologies to create easy access to all PACS/RIS  information in the EMR. Mr. Kelley was quoted as saying:

“It is essential that PACS developers create systems that may be easily integrated with EHR solutions of other vendors. Smaller hospitals, in particular, must be sensitive to integration when selecting IT solutions because financial realities mean utilizing the smallest number of vendors.

“Our priorities are to have high quality local and remote access for our providers and to have PACS and reports integrated into the EMR to provide both local and remote access. We selected CoActiv as our PACS vendor, in part  because they have sophisticated remote image communications tools and are standards-based, simplifying integration into most other healthcare IT applications.”

Ellenville Regional Hospital helps to demonstrate one of the many reasons our hospital and imaging center clients choose CoActiv EXAM-PACS® – our commitment to flexibility and easy integration.

Steven L. Kelley
Steven L. Kelley, FACHE, president and CEO of Ellenville (N.Y.) Regional Hospital
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