The Company

CoActiv combines proven technical expertise, broad imaging experience, an understanding of radiology workflow and a no-nonsense approach to system design, implementation and support. Our dedicated team brings years of experience to building and maintaining advanced, open architecture that is fast, reliable and secure.

CoActiv benefits from the longtime computer system design experience of its sister company AMSYS, which had been providing professional services and products to healthcare and other vertical market businesses since 1987.

CoActiv’s PACS software was conceived and designed to support both cloud deployment and the inevitable ongoing evolution of digital radiology platforms. Given our history, we are not burdened by a need to adapt obsolete architecture to modern technology trends. Moreover, off-the-shelf hardware has always helped to keep our solutions surprisingly affordable.

With highly scalable offerings based on a shared architecture, CoActiv serves a broad market from the small private practice and imaging centers of any size to multi-site hospitals.

Today, the CoActiv family of image management solutions is providing highly reliable full digital imaging functionality to numerous healthcare sites nationwide. We also count among our customers many users seeking to enhance the functionality of an existing PACS with our more robust, comprehensive and modular vendor neutral solutions to avoid system disruption and total PACS replacement.

The Vision

The benefits of digital radiology should be accessible to every physician – in every setting, whether a radiologist in a small clinic, imaging professional in a large university hospital or a referring clinician reviewing diagnostic exams. Since our inception, this simple and straightforward vision has been the driving force behind the CoActiv company and our growing product line.

CoActiv believes that all healthcare providers need affordable, standards-based, secure and reliable enterprise image management. They need technology that can integrate effectively with complementary applications to deliver critical workflow efficiencies. They deserve user interfaces that are simple, toolsets that are comprehensive, and software upgrades that do not require long downtime, extensive staff retraining and sweeping hardware upgrades.

The result of this commitment is that the CoActiv portfolio of products is one of the most technologically advanced yet affordable digital imaging solutions in the world. With CoActiv, every imaging site can afford the increased efficiency, open communications and streamlined workflow synonymous with the digital imaging age.

The Mission

CoActiv is dedicated to the goal of delivering state-of-the-art digital imaging technologies for less cost and with less hassle than competing vendors, while at the same time offering more advanced functionality. Skilled, experienced and knowledgeable about medical imaging workflow, we accomplish this, in part, through thoughtful, straightforward system design and use of generic computer hardware to keep costs in check.

As part of that belief, we offer a customizable, open and modular PACS solution and related products that are easily configured to meet a site’s specific needs. With CoActiv’s unique system design, you never pay for features you do not really need.

Our system designers and dedicated support staff bring years of experience to building advanced, open architecture that is ultra-fast, reliable and secure. And we remain steadfast in our commitment to offering a full range of advanced features and functionality at an affordable price.