24 – 7 – 365 Customer Support

Technical Support

1-877-COACTIV (262-2848)

Technical support can be reached 24 hours a day, every day of the year, at 1-877-COACTIV (262-2848)

CoActiv tech support is always available by phone* to answer questions and address issues. We will diagnose a problem and devise a solution either over the phone or by coordinating a site visit. If indicated, we will dial directly into your CoActiv PACS server or workstation to promptly aid in troubleshooting and problem solving.

*Be advised that emailing is not recommended, particularly in an emergency situation.

Regular business hours (9am – 5pm EST)

Direct access to support staff

Off hours (evenings, weekends, holidays)

Our answering service will dispatch your message immediately and you can expect a call back within 30 minutes, or you can leave a message for a call back the next business day.

The support people from CoActiv are really good. They are helpful and knowledgeable. We get along really well with them, and when we call, they know our first names. They usually solve the problems instantly, and if not, we get a call back a short time later, informing us that the problem has been solved. I think that what really stands out is the pride they show in their work and how they take our work so seriously. They are really IT people on the back end, but they understand that they are also supporting a product that is ultimately working with patients and their care. I always feel they have a sense of urgency in completing their work and pride in their work.” 
Director, CoActiv User

EXAM-PACS Help Manual

Local and online versions of the CoActiv EXAM-PACS help manual are readily available to our clients. The local version is a component of the PACS itself and is context-sensitive. Access to the online version can be arranged via phone call or email.

CoActiv’s support is second to none… They are very responsive with a very minimal wait time, even during the off hours.
Manager, CoActiv User

Technical Expertise

Our staff of experienced PACS and DICOM developers, IT experts, plus our extensive pool of accomplished programming, project and database professionals in every computer specialty, can provide your healthcare facility with the applications and support you need for your most challenging healthcare image and information management projects.

CoActiv has a team of highly experienced experts in the field of radiology practice management and support. We are up to date with the latest innovations in the practice of diagnostic radiology, with a broad knowledge of current diagnostic modalities, PACS, RIS, and dictation systems, including the latest voice recognition products. We are specialists in the development and support of remote-access diagnostic reading environments that allow radiologists to read digital radiological studies from distant imaging centers, hospitals or even from the doctor’s home at night. We can have access to all your applications and we can remotely update, train, provide alert systems for complete systems health-monitoring and provide the capability of predictive failure analysis.

Integrating PACS, RIS, dictation, scheduling and billing systems to minimize the expense and error resulting from the duplicated entry of demographic data in the separate systems is another skill set provided by CoActiv radiology IT experts. By mediating for you, with your various hardware and software systems vendors, we minimize the expense, frustration and loss of productivity that always result from system failures. We eliminate the incessant inter-vendor blame assessment that seem to be rampant among PACS, RIS, dictation, network providers, broadband suppliers, Internet providers, email providers and all the other elements that makeup today’s modern imaging centers and hospital imaging departments. CoActiv insulates your staff from the seemingly endless conflicts precipitated by this multi-vendor finger pointing. We cut through the jargon and the double-talk that often create frustration and revenue loss. We become your IT department, or we work with your IT department, for you and with you to insure an efficient, effective and financially healthy imaging practice.