Why CoActiv?

The Power Behind Our PACS

Why CoActiv? After years of providing contracted services for other outdated and slow systems, and listening to the demands of top notch radiologists, we employed a contemporary PACS design unencumbered by obsolete technology.

CoActiv incorporates the latest imaging and IT technologies with the “know how” of over 30 years of IT healthcare experience. The power of our PACS originates from our designers, contributing radiologists and development team’s vision to create an extremely useful, reliable, efficient and secure PACS for the radiology community.

The result is an easy to use, configurable and scalable PACS.

Simplicity – CoActiv is simple yet comprehensive. Our system uses industry-standard, high performance, easily serviced off-the-shelf hardware from tier-one manufacturers. We can install and implement an enterprise PACS configuration usually within 30 to 60 days of receipt of an order. There is no special hardware to build, no proprietary systems to design or engineer, and no high prices to pay.

Scalability – Growth is anticipated and CoActiv easily scales to accommodate an imaging center with multiple modalities and multiple sites, at a TCO far less expensive than other PACS providers. Adding a new modality or a whole new imaging site is almost as easy as adding a new PC to your network. No complicated engineering project designs, no expensive site surveys and no outdated hardware to replace.

CoActiv Product Overview

Configurability – Change is also anticipated and CoActiv’s configurability protects your investment as your operation expands, adapts to changing trends or adopts new workflow methodologies. Whether a simple teleradiology solution for working at home or a complete, enterprise-wide multi-site PACS, CoActiv can be configured to provide all the functionality you need. Our system is designed with modular components for versatility and flexibility. And you don’t have to scrap an existing expensive PACS to add CoActiv’s unique features such as zero-footprint viewing, referring physician distribution, CD/DVD burning or archiving. Typically, CoActiv can integrate these right into your existing PACS or teleradiology solution.

Support – Backed with a top rated customer service staff, CoActiv is a medical image management solution you can count on. You’ll always reach a real technician when you call CoActiv for support – maybe even the one who actually installed your system. We’re dedicated to supporting your goals with advanced technology, customized solutions and personalized service – never an automated response. No robots, no scripts, just straightforward 24x7x365 commitment to meeting all your image management needs.