Cloud-Based Image Distribution at Sand Lake Imaging

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Stephen M. Bravo, MD, Medical Director of CoActiv client Sand Lake Imaging (Orlando, FL), was interviewed for  an article on cloud-based PACS and mobile apps in the June 2013 issue of Applied Radiology. The article  discussed the opportunities (such as simpler image and data sharing and lower costs) and challenges (such as  secure storage) of the rapid adoption of cloud computing in health care. See excerpts below:

Growing private practices like Sand Lake Imaging, Orlando, FL, a high-volume freestanding imaging center with  350 patients a day, need to communicate with local referring physicians as well as with those located nationally  and internationally. By converting their RIS to MedInformatix and CoActiv’s cloud-based PACS, the imaging  center increased its productivity by 30%, improving its service to referring physicians.

Stephen M. Bravo
Stephen M. Bravo, MD, Medical Director, Sand Lake Imaging.

“The CoActiv PACS has resolved our challenges to expand our practice  capabilities to interface with physicians across the continuum of care. It’s a  cloud-based system that is easy to set up, to get all of the doctors set up onto  the system in a manner that is HIPAA compliant and nonintrusive to their own  practices,” said Stephen M. Bravo, MD, Medical Director, Sand Lake Imaging.

With the new system, subspecialists can now view 3D reconstructed images  and cine images of the heart and PET/CT examinations. “That has significantly  helped us service these subspecialists in ways we weren’t able to in the past,”  said Dr. Bravo. The program also provides a feature for subspecialists to view  the records of those patients whose primary care doctors initially sent them to  Sand Lake Imaging.

Dr. Bravo added, “The ability to use an iPad or mobile device to download information will improve  communication between radiologists and referring doctors as they can instantaneously gain access to medical  information for their patients. I think it’s going to increase turnaround times and make the entire system more  efficient because physicians will no longer need to wait over the weekend, even for non-stat findings.

“Mobile devices may empower radiologists to play a critical real-time role in the health care continuum. In the  end, the requirements for meaningful use and the increasing requirements for efficiency within the entire health  care system are going to push this technology to the forefront.”

Sand Lake Imaging perfectly demonstrates several ways that CoActiv Medical continues to be in the forefront of  medical image distribution, from our cloud-based EXAM-PACS® to our EXAM-BROWSER® zero-footprint  universal clinical viewer that works on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and more.