Breast Imaging

CoActiv Breast ImagingCoActiv offers a digital workflow for women’s imaging and women’s health centers offering full field digital mammography (FFDM) and related imaging exams. With the goal of providing sophisticated, but easy and cost-effective digital image management and storage, CoActiv provides this specialized market with its unique managed image archiving solution with fully automated prior exam recall. For sites without a PACS, the solution delivers a dramatic workflow enhancement by eliminating the need for time-consuming prior exam pre-fetching. For all imaging sites, including those with a PACS, the solution offers CoActiv’s sophisticated, scalable and secure storage, enhanced with a range of FFDM workflow features.


CoActiv CardiologyCardiology

CoActiv offers a multi-modality cardiovascular module as part of its full-featured Web-based enterprise PACS. Powerful and user-friendly, the cardiovascular functionality combines local and remote viewing, management, distribution and archiving of cardiac studies including nuclear cardiology, echo cardiology, and cardiac cath lab.


CoActiv OrthopedicsDelivering leading edge, full-featured digital workflow at affordable prices, CoActiv’s PACS for orthopedic practices [PDF – 537k] is a web-based system fine-tuned to meet the unique needs of general orthopedic practices and offering advanced functionalities for a full range of orthopedic sub-specialists.

Radiation Therapy

CoActiv Radiation TherapyFor radiation therapy, CoActiv offers an RT archive, a digital viewing, archiving and retrieval platform for a full range of radiation therapy-related data, including CT images, cone beam images, CMS radiation therapy plans and DICOM-RT data files. Using this system, facilities can store all data in its native formats in a single comprehensive, redundant and HIPAA-compliant digital archive. Moreover, data can share the same archive and patient demographic information as a radiology PACS as well as other healthcare IT systems, minimizing system cost and support or maintenance expenses. The RT archive can complement an existing CoActiv PACS installation or be implemented independently using dedicated archiving hardware. Sites utilizing the RT solution also can take advantage of CoActiv’s innovative archiving for storing RT data.



CoActiv Veterinary PACSCoActiv designed a state-of-the-art PACS specifically for veterinary radiology. This affordable, fast, easy-to-use and accurate digital image management system enables veterinarians to view, manage, send and archive exams produced by imaging modalities such as CT, MRI and ultrasound. Equipped with easy to use and animal-specific diagnostic tools, CoActiv’s system is robust and powerful enough to accommodate the largest veterinary hospital, and yet simple and affordable enough to implement at smaller practices. Based on the same technology being used by CoActiv in the human radiology market, this veterinary PACS not only enhances diagnostic accuracy and speed to improve patient care, but also saves money by reducing costly film expenses – translating into more profits for your practice.