Customized Solutions for Your Image Management Needs

CoActiv takes a simple yet comprehensive approach to providing affordable solutions for organizing, viewing, distributing and storing medical images. Our image management technology suits a small practice and scales to complete end-to-end RIS/PACS solutions for the larger healthcare enterprise – including integration with EMR applications for efficient, streamlined workflow. Many PACS components can be unbundled as vendor neutral enhancements to legacy systems. Cloud and on-site archiving for DICOM images and reports, reliable disaster recovery solutions, and hardware independent universal viewing are among the modules offered as vendor neutral add-ons.


Workflow & Productivity

The PACS has come of age and is expected to provide much more than viewing and storage of medical images. While the use of film and chemistry is an operating expense, PACS is an investment in efficiency. Digital medical images are more critical than ever to quality healthcare and patient involvement. Care is becoming an enterprise effort. CoActiv Medical® has its roots in healthcare IT and our solutions for image management integrate easily and dependably with other applications…


Archiving & Disaster Recovery

There is no choice. Medical images must be stored redundantly and for many years, perhaps indefinitely – on the one hand kept safe from unauthorized exposure, and on the other hand readily available when needed. CoActiv’s archiving solutions use secure, redundant storage in standard DICOM format.
Our vendor neutral system allows 24x7x365 unrestricted access via high capacity data pipes, requires no VPNs and includes media based additional copies for added peace of mind.


Viewing & Sharing

The internet has both blurred the line and opened doors for where, when and how we get to see and share information. CoActiv’s original web-based architecture and patented transmittal process have allowed us to fully leverage the advantages of the internet from day one. CoActiv’s solutions adapt to and facilitate image and information exchanges between applications, providers and clinicians, both local and remote. Our client software deploys easily to any diagnostic viewing station, home or office. Our zero footprint browser based viewer is hardware independent and extends image sharing to patients, consulting colleagues and referring physicians.


Compliance & Standards

Vendor neutrality, broad based compatibility, strict adherence to standards and full regulatory compliance are absolutely essential as healthcare activity expands to regional cooperation along with global collaboration for research and highly specialized treatments. This provider partnership trend is creating complex workflow scenarios between enterprises. CoActiv follows FDA, HHS and ACR guidelines and is fully compliant with all HIPAA/HITECH requirements. Product design and implementation are consistent with IHE, HL7 and DICOM standards.