CoActiv offers an advanced, customizable RIS that brings a full range of premium features to the management of medical images, while integrating seamlessly with CoActiv PACS. From comprehensive, specialized worklists and automated referring physician communications to a seamless HL7 interface for billing and more, CoActiv’s RIS, powered by Swearingen RISynergy®, will help imaging sites manage their workflow with complete electronic ease.

RIS Worklist

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Features and Benefits

  • Complete Radiology Information System.
  • Fully integrated with CoActiv PACS.
  • Easy deployment, minimal investment.
  • Coding and billing can be set up, captured and exported with full HL7 support.
  • Patient registration captures identity, insurance, diagnosis, ICD9 (if set up) and more. Built in custom fields for notes, allergies etc.
  • User interface is designed to be consistent from scheduling to signing reports, combining tools for schedulers, technologists, radiologists and administrators, creating an efficient and seamless workflow.
  • Full featured scheduling module.
  • Sortable radiologist worklist with the ability to see which procedures on the schedule require the radiologist to be present.
  • Transcription module built in.
  • Support for speech to text into reports.
  • Flexible permissions can allow referring physicians to view images and reports, maintaining HIPAA compliance while providing real time access to patient information and status to referring practices.
  • Referring physicians can receive reports automatically via fax with the appropriate hardware. Encrypted email delivery is also available.
  • Client server install adds security and helps load balance processes to increase productivity and capability.
  • Scheduling, tracking, reporting and management all included.
  • Patient and order entry have a simple and intuitive feel that will be familiar to any Windows user.
  • Built in, customizable tracking features.
  • Fully customizable radiologist interpretation module can handle any dictation, transcription and voice to text model.
  • Statistical management reporting becomes simple, intuitive and customizable. Pre-loaded reports cover the majority of needed data. Custom reports can be requested and loaded easily. Reports can also be exported as CSV files for use in creating spreadsheets.
  • No need for report writers – the vast number of stock reports measure speed, productivity and profit, as well as critical results and other time sensitive items. Custom reports can be requested through CoActiv or created in Microsoft Reporting Services.
  • Choosing a seamless integration with CoActiv’s archiving solutions provides instant exam retrieval along with HIPAA compliant and audited security, making it the world’s fastest and most secure archiving system and meeting or exceeding any disaster plan requirements.

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