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Patient System Module

The Patient System module is an integral part of CoActiv’s RIS. This module provides quick access to both demographic and visit information about each patient in the database. Demographic information is stored in the Patient Master. With a patient’s record displayed, you can use options on the toolbar to perform such patient related functions as scheduling an exam for the patient, creating or viewing information about a single visit, viewing the patient’s visit history, and displaying the transcribed results of an exam.

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Options on this toolbar provide quick access to screens where you can perform other patient‐related functions. Several fields on this screen may be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

The Patient Allergy feature allows users to define a patient’s specific allergy type, reaction, and severity. This enhancement minimizes patient care errors and provides quick access to the patient’s specific needs.

The Visit Details screen provides complete information about a patient’s visit. The physicians identified here may receive the radiologist’s report. Up to four physicians can be identified on this screen.

EXAM‐RIS displays patient-related data in a variety of ways. The Worklist Tree is a graphical view of work for a specified date that shows the status of each visit. By displaying a date or date range that occurred in the past, you can use the Worklist Tree to ensure that all visits have been finalized in EXAM‐RIS.

More than 52 customizable reports are available in the Patient System. These allow you to analyze and report data in any way that meets the needs of your organization.